Davenport has been featured in numerous publications for shaping America’s credit management future and has spoken in front of thousands at various corporations, organizations, schools, and conferences. Below is a list of potential topics and highlights of the topics covered. In each session, Davenport equips attendees with rare insights to provide financial knowledge that will last a lifetime.
Previous topics have included:
Beyond Black Cards: How to Manage and Protect Credit for Pro Athletes
  • Building Credit
  • Identity Theft Prevention & Recovery
  • Medical Collections
  • Qualify for Coveted Cards
Credit 101: Learning the Basic Rules of the Game
  • Creating the Perfect Credit Profile
  • Your FICO Score
  • Credit Scoring Secrets & Myths
  • Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft
Maximizing your Home Purchasing Power
  • Quickly and Legitimately Improve Your Credit
  • Strategies to Shop for Mortgage Rates and Products
  • What To Do 45 days Before Applying for a Loan
  • Ensuring Your Loan Process Goes Smoothly
Coming to America: How to Build Strong Credit (Same strategies for athletes and entertainers)
  • Strategizing to Establish A1 Credit
  • Basics of the US Credit Systems
  • Credit Management and Protection
  • Dispelling Credit Myths
Protecting yourself from identity theft—the fastest growing crime in the country
  • Best Practices to Protect Your Credit
  • Protecting Your Email Address
  • Why Your Healthcare Information is Being Targeted
  • Seven Recovery Steps After Your Identity Is Stolen
Managing Credit Before and After Divorce
  • Untangling the Tied Financial Mess
  • Rebuilding Your Individual Credit Profile
  • Making Your First Individual Purchase
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